Effects of Corona Virus on Mental Health

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All through human history there have been many viruses and diseases, making a disastrous impact on human societies and living. Corona virus is one such recent attack to have dismantled the structure of human life. The Corona virus Covid – 19 has affected 214 countries and territories around the world. Thousands of deaths have been reported around the world so far and are still now where near its end. There are thousands, of sick due to Covid- 19, many of them in critical condition. The roots of this virus are still not known fully and researches are going on to find the cure. According World Health Organization , one out of ten people may have been infected by it.
Majority of people show mild symptoms and are cured without any formal and serious treatments, while others with serious condition may need proper hospitalization.

Corona effects on Social Life/ Activities
Corona has immensely affected the social activities and life of human living. It has brought a complete change in how a person would like to spend his or her evening. How a person would like to go out with friends. With the end of socializing, loneliness has increased and have given way to more health problems. Corona made many business to fall to pieces resulting in hundreds of layoffs, which further resulted in financial death to many.

Corona and Mental Health
Long lockdowns for the prevention of Corona has some adverse effects on mental health. It has given rise to depression and stress. Staying indoors all day and night has increased the sense of loneliness and frustration. Especially for the elderly and those who live alone. People have been greatly concerned about their jobs, finances and relationships.

Increased domestic violence has been reported and many women suffered through it during the lockdown resulting in more serious forms of depression.

Researches are being made on how to bring things to normal for the safeguard of human life and how to bring this world to its normal state. The virus may take years to go and so will the ill- effects it has brought to us.

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