Links between diet, gut health and immunity

Links between diet, gut health and immunity.Sometimes, without doing any activity, we will feel tired and exhausted. One of the main causes of this condition is a lack of nutrients in the body, due to an unhealthy lifestyle. As we all know, our immune system destroys any foreign body that threatens to harm your body.

Immunity keeps your body healthy and energized. Low immunity levels cause lack of enthusiasm and body aches. White blood cells are one of the essential parts of the immune system, which includes the mucous membranes as well as the skin.

Constant communication helps them fight bacteria or any foreign objects. If your body’s immune system is weakened, it opens the door to a multitude of illnesses, which can lead to death.

What to do avoid taking too many antibiotics. Instead of helping you, they may dig your grave deeper.

Quit smoking Sleep well, at least 8 hours to rejuvenate the body. Drink plenty of water as it is a great aid to increase immunity levels.

Uncovering the links between diet, gut health and immunity.A natural immune booster for your body.

Astragalus – This is a Chinese root that has been used in the Far East as an excellent food tonic and herbal remedy. The roots are sold around the world as roots that are six to twelve inches long. Its roots and extracts are excellent immune system boosters.

You can boil this tuber with chicken broth to make a great soup. It has been used for lung problems, intermittent cold episodes, and shortness of breath. This is useful for chronic ulcers and external infections that do not stop.

Echinacea is a highly recommended medicinal plant used for various herbal remedies. It is known to treat colds, flu, and other types of infections. Echinacea increases the number of immune cells, which helps increase immunity levels. It is non-toxic and has no side effects, making it a useful herbal plant.

Eat raspberries and plums because it contains xylitol (a sugar-free sweetener) that helps fight ear and sinus infections and tooth decay.
Increase the zinc content of your diet. You can get your regular zinc intake from poultry, pork, fortified cereals, yogurt, oysters, and milk.

Vitamin A boosts immunity levels and you can get it in your diet by eating sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and pumpkin or any orange vegetable.

Shiitake and shiitake mushrooms are the best sources of mushrooms to boost your immunity levels. It increases white blood cells to fight bacteria.

Black or green tea also boosts your immunity levels. It is a good source of polyphenols that help scavenge free radicals.
It’s that time of year again when viruses and bacteria rampage and wreak havoc on our bodies. The best time to start is now to prepare for cold and flu season.

There is no magic bullet for a healthy immune system. The best place to start is by eliminating junk food and drinks from your diet. Adequate rest and moderate exercise are also important.

Uncovering the links between diet, gut health and immunity.Some supplements are known to prevent illness or are taken during illness to speed recovery. Some of them are echinacea, goldenseal, elderberry, ginseng, astragalus, mulberry leaf, yerba santa leaf, juniper root, bell pepper, yarrow, pau d’arco bark, and colloidal or ionized silver .

There are many immune system building multiples that contain many of the supplements mentioned above. The trick is to start taking 2 days a day in September and continue through spring. People with severely compromised immune systems may need more.

There are homeopathic products that are popular at this time of year, such as Oscillococcinum. This is the #1 natural cold and flu remedy. Silver water is a natural antibiotic. Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil is well known for eliminating viruses, bacteria and fungi.

60% of our immune system resides in our “guts”, so it is important to maintain a sufficient amount of “good bacteria”. Most people take acidophilus and bifidophilus supplements to achieve this because the typical American diet, antibiotics, and other prescription drugs kill off these good bacteria.

Essential oils can also be used to boost immunity. A sterilization room mist can be created by taking a
oz beaker. glass bottle with a spray bottle and add a total of 90 drops of each; essential oils of rosemary, tea tree and mint and fill the rest with spring or distilled water. Shake 100 times and let stand 2 hours before use.

It takes considerable effort to build immunity and achieve optimal health but… .you and your family are worth it!!!
In conclusion, I advise people to take their time, research, analyze their health condition or need and then find natural products that meet their needs.

This is something you can do yourself, giving you a great understanding of your healthcare needs. Many people go through their lives relying only on others when they need it for nutrition or health care. There are many good articles on the web that can be very helpful and informative for you.

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