Preparing for a Interview: A Life Changing Experience

Preparing for a Job Interview: A Life Changing Experience. Whether it’s your first job after graduation or a well-thought-out career change, you should always prepare well for the interview. Make sure your resume is well written. To stand out from the crowd, a professionally written CV is a wise investment. A well-written resume and cover letter will ensure you are invited to a job interview.

The interview process can be intimidating for many people, but you should treat it as a discussion to determine if you’re a good fit for the position and if this company is right for you. Remember that preparing well for an interview is just as important as the interview itself.

From the first contact you establish with a potential employer, you will be assessed as a potential employee. You will be assessed on your level of professionalism, language and interest in the position you are applying for.

Leaving Nothing for Chance
Most people find interview preparation more stressful than the interview itself. Your preparation for the interview should leave nothing to chance, you can be sure, neither will your prospective employer. You need a specific action plan:

• Before your interview, do some research online to learn as much as you can about the company, its purpose and mission. Make sure your interview answers are relevant to the company.

• Be sure about the format of the interview: what to bring with you; whether you will be asked to give a presentation and how long the interview is likely to last.
• You must dress appropriately for the occasion – neat and professional.

• Check the time it takes to get to the interview location and plan to arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes in advance.

• Rehearse your answers to possible questions.

• Act with poise and composure.

• Always carry your additional CVs, in case the interview panel needs them.

• Prepare your own set of questions to ask the employer.

• Be well prepared to answer how your experience, education and skills would be an asset to the position you have applied for.

When answering questions, be specific but brief – try not to respond with lengthy, lengthy responses. Your complete attitude should reflect your confidence. Complete the application form carefully. Greet everyone with a firm handshake and wait to be seated before taking a seat.

Don’t collapse into a chair and sit down. When you speak, smile and always maintain eye contact. Know all of your interviewers by name and address them appropriately.

Post-Interview Actions
After the interview is over, thank everyone present and comment on how happy you were to be there and your continued interest in being invited. Consider for this position. It is important that you follow up with a short and concise thank you letter.

It shouldn’t reiterate more than your 3 strongest skills that you can offer the employer. Call the employer and do not email the employer unless you are expressly authorized to do so. This will show your interest in the position and demonstrate your follow-up skills and enthusiasm for the position.

Preparing for a Job Interview: A Life Changing Experience.The impression you leave, your confidence, your composure, and your posture, as well as your knowledge of the subject will serve as an opening opportunity for a follow-up interview.