7 Business Growth W.O.W.Tactics for Increased Market Share

7 Business Growth W.O.W.Tactics for Increased Market Share. Here are seven Business Growth Tactics to Increase Market Share you can implement right now:

Rule 1-12-50 . The first part of each month (hence the number 1), consistently each month (hence the number 12), Identify a population index with more than fifty (hence the number 50) key customers or emerging customers and offer them a communication with added value.

Signature Line – Consider adding any standard or service updates that you make available to all recipients of your communications exchanges on your standard email auto signature line.

This also serves as a powerful standardization to ensure that customers are given advance notice of appointment limits, product or service announcements and changes and cancellations etc.

Routine, especially if you do not receive emails, updates of products or services that you all recipients of your Provide communication exchanges. A great way to advertise and promote those who send you email traffic first, because now you can get them back right away.

Hotel Letters – Remember that most hotels seem to have at least stationery and envelopes in your desk drawer Consider a handwritten note on three Vital Few about something that is most important and of value to you.

Keep the “defense attorney” – Make sure an attorney has no more than 30 days to hear or see you.Schedule regular communication and / or “thank you” events to generate opportunities to further improve your service for them.

Newsletter – Design an effective, valuable content print newsletter for your core customers (the Vital Fews) and send it out regularly to enrich your value proposition in your market. Then carefully share a product / service with them at the end of each newsletter.

This vehicle can be distributed to customers as a bank statement filler, attachments with invoices and contracts, attachments for proposals, and general correspondence from customer service representatives and the sales team. This can serve as a source for the campaign according to rule 1-12-50 .

Fax Notifications – Consider faxing your customers Friday afternoons with products / services that may affect your bottom line, sending out announcements and press releases, etc.

If those contact names are in your database as customers or contacts you already have Have a relationship and / or have established a relationship with which you are supposed to offer communication, a notification or fax is a means of establishing intelligent, quick, economical and acceptable contact.

On the other hand, if you do not have this relationship or permission, a fax may be considered spam and illegal in some non-business growth communities. Implement these proven strategies now and watch your business thrive.