Build full-body muscle in just four moves with this 20-minute

Build full-body muscle in just four moves with this 20-minute . Every guy who walks into the gym dreams of achieving that classic big V-shaped upper body that commands respect and attention.

Many people have been training for months or even years, but the V-shaped upper body is still not there. Have you ever wondered why?

Before I show you the different ways to achieve that glorious “V”, you should also know that the “V” shape is also an illusion. If you have a broad, thick back with a full chest, combined with rock-like deltoids, your “V” will appear dominant, as these attributes will make your bust appear larger. Your waist looks smaller and thus accentuates the illusion of a “V”.

To have a great upper body, you MUST train your lower body. The V shape will just be an ugly upper body shape if your legs are like bamboo sticks. The excellent full body is known as the X-frame. Just like the superheroes you see in the comics.

If you’re not training your legs, you’re missing out on the biggest muscle mass training.

When doing leg exercises, many other muscles in the body, especially the back and abdominal muscles, will be involved. This gives you the most muscle mass worked out in a single workout.

And because you’re training multiple muscles at once, you’ll release tons of growth hormone while you sleep, which further enhances overall muscle growth for that perfect X-shaped frame.

Build full-body muscle in just four moves with this 20-minute .Another muscle group that many people overlook is the back. The back must be shaped in thickness as well as width. Many back exercises also develop the posterior deltoid and radius muscles, which are crucial to getting that “V”.

With a thick back you will look strong and with width it will make your waist narrower thus making the “V” more obvious. Do barbells, deadlifts to have a thick and strong back. Pull-ups and push-ups (weighted and done in a slow, controlled motion) will give you the width or commonly referred to as “wings”.

Another very obvious V-shaped illusionist is your triceps. But most people pay more attention to the biceps than the triceps.

Why triceps? Because your triceps, as the name “tri” suggests, have three “heads” and each “head” needs to be addressed as you work them out.

They are also 1/3 larger than your biceps. By training your triceps hard, your arms will grow faster, giving your upper body more room and once again creating the illusion of a narrow waist.

The best illusionists are your chance. Your deltoid muscles have 3 “heads”. However, most of the time I see people working only on the front deltoids.

When you develop your deltoids well, they will be round and rock-like, and they will make your shoulders broad and strong.

Now close your eyes and picture yourself with a broad, thick back, big and strong triceps…

Now, do you see that ‘V’? Add side lifts, side bends and vertical lifts to your routine.

How to get a nice ‘V’ if your abs are flabby? Forget the side bends and bends. It will only make your waistline thicker. Embark on a slimming program by combining weight training, cardio, and the right diet. Your abs will appear shortly.

Ahh…to finally mark your authority in the gym and on the beach, a big and powerful gladiator chest will put you ahead! Train your heavy pectorals with dumbbells, dumbbells, and cable machines.

Use an inclined bench instead of a flat or inclined bench. Build full-body muscle in just four moves with this 20-minute . You want to build your upper chest, not the lower one in case it causes you to sag or sag what we call “bitch breasts”.

Although the pec is a giant muscle mass, it can be targeted in different places to recruit different fibers for shaping.

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