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China triumph for space programme on Mars

On Saturday, China landed a Mars rover on Mars for the first time, which heralded a huge victory for China’s space program. The Jurong Lander parachuted the so-called “Seven Minutes of Horror” and aimed at the vast lava plain in the north, Planitia Utopia, thus completing a dangerous descent in the Martian atmosphere.

“He successfully landed in the selected area. The state-owned TV station CCTV stated in a mission-specific TV program called “Hello Mars” that a country has orbited, landed and relocated during its first mission to Mars. Operation, this is an achievement shared by the other two countries that have not yet reached the red planet-the United States and Russia.

Congratulations and sincere greetings to all members who participated in the exploration of Mars. “China has sent astronauts into space and launched to the moon Probe and land the rover on Mars. All awards won in the space exploration competition.

Months after the last US voice on Mars “persistent”, the mythical God of Vulcan descended as a demonstrator, and the technological power between these two superpowers is expanding beyond the earth.

The 530-pound Chinese rover was sent to find and analyze rock samples from the surface of Mars.The launch of the China Astronomy 1 Mars probe was used to transport the rover in July last year, marking an important milestone in China’s space program.

The spacecraft entered Mars orbit in February, and after a long period of silence, state media announced that it had reached a “critical landing stage.

Landing should be very difficult for the China Space Administration (CNSA), and the official media called the process of using parachutes to reduce the descent and soften the legs as “the most difficult part of the mission.

It is expected that he will spend about three months there filming and collecting geographic data.

The complex landing process is called the “seven minutes of horror” because it occurs faster than the speed at which radio signals can reach Earth from Mars, which means that communication is limited. “For a spacecraft, it is too far away.

If something goes wrong, people on Earth, the United States, Russia and Europe have tried several times Attempts to land on Mars ended in failure. In 2016, the Russian-European joint spacecraft Schiaparelli made an emergency landing.

When NASA landed a persistent rover that had been exploring the Earth, the American rover headed towards Mars. Launched a small robotic helicopter and conducted its first powered flight.

On another planet.China has come a long way in catching up with the United States and Russia. Astronauts and astronauts from the United States and Russia have decades of experience in space exploration.

The first module of his new space station was successfully launched last month, hoping to get the support of the crew. Last week, part of China’s Long March 5B rocket disintegrated in the Indian Ocean due to an uncontrolled landing on the Earth, prompting criticism from the United States and other countries that it violated the label of returning space debris to Earth. Officials said the rubble could pose a threat to life and property.