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Corona Virus can strike again in winter 2023? experts advice

Corona Virus can strike again in winter 2023 ? experts advice. Corona virus has proven to be highly disastrous for human population. Thousands worldwide have lost their lives and many others are still fighting the disease in critical condition in hospitals.

While the debate is still on, if the virus is effected by the weather conditions or not, the scientists are somewhat of the opinion that its spread shows no significant change, with the temperature changes.

Now as we are approaching winters, a severe come back is being expected of Corona virus, because colder weather brings many other forms of allergies and viruses giving people cold, flu and breathing problems.

Is Corona Connected to Weather Change?

Corona Virus can strike again in winter 2023? experts advice. Though a lot of businesses and schools have re-opened with pre cautionary measures, still the scientists and policy makers are not sure what is going to happen in few more days, as the winter approaches.

Researchers are still trying to find out a connection of temperature change with Coronavirus.

Since, it is a virus; therefore like all other cold causing viruses, it can also get a spike in winters. Cold weather may give it a rise and number of patients may increase in coming months.

It should be kept in mind, it began with cold and flu symptoms, and winter season bring a lot of cold and flu problem, which can be a good playground for Corona to flourish.

Studies on Corona virus from University of Maryland to Harvard and Princeton universities, have shown atleast some kind of  influence of temperature changes or effects but may not be very obvious yet.

Relaxing Corona Preventive Measures

Things can become even more easier for Corona if we will relax our Corona preventive measures in haste. Forgetting about social distancing and getting along with life normally, will give it a chance to spread rapidly and successfully.

Corona Virus can strike again in winter 2023 ? experts advice. It is very important to adhere to preventive measures and try our best to stay safe from it.

More and more people are getting tired of wearing masks, its becoming tiresome and difficult wearing it for longer time. Still doctors urge public to wear masks while being outside of homes.