Crypto billionaire Brock Pierce buys hotel in Puerto Rico for THIS whopping sum

Brock Pierce, former child star and current crypto billionaire, has snatched up the ravaged W Hotel in Puerto Rico for a stunning sum of $18.3 million in efforts to revive it, reported The New York Post.

The hotel, closed since 2017 due to the damage caused by Hurricane Maria, was “once the economic engine of the island and it’s largest employer,” shared Pierce.

The crypto king, who was seen in the film The Mighty Ducks in 1992, added, “Having watched it stay closed for years and seeing it on the market for a long time it seemed like the proper thing to do.”

Pierce also opened up about his plans for the hotel, saying that millions will be invested in the hotel to return its lost glory and to make it an international destination once again.

“The island’s glory years were when the property was open. Anyone who had ever visited raves about how amazing it was. White sand beaches, two large pools,” he gushed, adding, “The idea is about regenerative practices. We will attempt to innovate and do something new.”

Pierce already owns another hotel in the same region, called Hacienda Tamarindo, in addition to a restaurant called Drift.