6 Essential Body weight Exercises for Weight Loss

6 Essential Body weight Exercises for Weight Loss. Discussions about a woman’s health often focus too much on being thin or skinny. Fortunately, this attention to weight is no longer about vanity, being like a Hollywood goddess or looking like a ramp model.

For good reason, women are now talking about the health consequences of obesity or being overweight. Usually, women are asked to exercise regularly and control their food intake.

However, many women still have difficulty making time for exercise. The demands of work and family also cause many women to opt for all the comfort foods they can get their hands on.

Being confined to their small room from 9am to 5pm every day makes working out in the gym another requirement in their busy schedule.

As simple as it sounds, for some women, exercise and dieting are impossible tasks.

Many desperate people say they don’t have the time and are resigned to the thought that obesity or being overweight is inevitable.

But losing the Battle of the Bulge is not the fate of all women. There are now alternatives and innovations in science and medicine that allow women to lose weight even if they can’t give up their careers or stick to their schedules. arrives and it’s not your average diet pill. We are talking about going under the knife …


“Lipo” is for those with the money to take this extreme measure to lose weight. Usually, celebrities take this easy route. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, liposuction has been the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the US since 2003.

The procedure involves identifying parts of the body that are prone to forming. fatty acids like belly, arms and hips. . Liposuction is basically a surgical technique that involves the insertion of an acoustic device into the patient’s body.

The catheter is used to liquefy fat before the doctor sucks it out. An outpatient procedure lasts an hour and a half. After surgery, the patient must wear a bandage for several weeks.

A significant amount of medication is needed to control the pain that occurs after surgery. However, the “Lipo” procedure is limited to removing 10 pounds of fat per surgery and as such is considered a cosmetic procedure rather than a true weight loss program.

Hormone Therapy

Another approach to weight loss is to take anti-aging medications. As the body ages, hormone levels decrease, the pituitary gland stops producing growth hormone, and metabolism slows down. All of these make weight gain easier, and weight loss a bigger challenge.

The purpose of this method is to bring the body’s functions back to the way a woman was in her twenties, the age when the body was at its peak.
The procedure begins with a series of four tests that include a group of growth hormones that check the health of the pituitary gland; DHEA controls testosterone levels;


thyroid test; and daily morning temperature to check the individual’s metabolic rate. Based on the results of these tests, your doctor may prescribe a mixture of pills, injections, and creams. This method is ideal for people whose hormones are not at their best.

The risks of this therapy are overdose and hyperthyroidism.

Obesity Surgery

6 Essential Body weight Exercises for Weight Loss.This procedure is recommended for people with a condition known as obesity — 100 pounds or more overweight. This procedure involves gastric bypass, which involves reducing the size of the stomach so that the patient feels full after a small amount of food.

The expected result is reduced calorie intake and weight loss in the long run. The surgeon creates a pouch by pinning it to the top of the stomach.

Then, a piece of small intestine about two to five feet long is attached to it so that food can pass through the duodenum, the first part of the intestine. It reduces the absorption of calories and fat.

This procedure can now be done laparoscopically — with narrow tubes through which a small camera allows for precise incision and suturing. It is best for people who are severely obese or overweight by 100 pounds or more. In addition to the risk associated with all major surgery, death is an additional risk in any surgery for patients who are overweight.

Then there is also the risk of gastric perforation (tearing of the stomach wall) during or after the procedure which could lead to further surgery.


Also known as mesotherapy, lipo-tan is a new treatment specifically designed to remove localized pockets of fat in the body such as grips, armpits, knees, double chin and pouches. under eyes.

This procedure involves injecting lecithin into the tender part of the body in question. Lecithin is naturally made by the body to break down dietary fats, helping to maintain lipid balance.

The chemical reaction causes fat to be dissolved and eliminated from the body through the lymph nodes. Each session lasts about 30 to 60 minutes and sessions are performed once a week. It is better for people with thin body. The risks of this method are limited to minor bruising.

Women should always weigh their weight loss goals and the pros and cons of undergoing these medical procedures. To achieve the desired weight and body shape, you do not always have to sweat and starve. Sometimes these weight loss shortcuts can be the fastest and easiest way to lose weight.