Jewellery Trends for spring and summer

Jewellery Trends for spring and summer. Jewelry trends in classic costume jewellery will become the popular trend in spring and summer , blue will become the most popular, blue topaz and aquamarine jewellery will become the most popular. Purple makes purple popular, and green makes peridot more valuable.

Decorating with sapphire, blue opal, moonstone, sapphire, lapis lazuli and blue handmade lighting pearls will be the charm of this season. Gemstones such as citrine, topaz, amber and Canarian diamond jewelry are all purple.

Pure silver with primary cubic zirconia will be seen as an attractive substitute for diamonds. Zirconia is the best diamond substitute in the world. It has a warm white gold or platinum appearance and a rich diamond appearance. Diamonds will always have their importance and demand, but the price is a real budget hunter and may not always be adjusted according to consumer resources.

The same jewelry made of zirconia and silver looks elegant and can be purchased at a low price. In all jewelry series, zirconia is inevitable. Trends in the fall of 2008 also included Greek black and Latin colors.

Imitating on agate, black diamonds and classic black pearls are perfect accessories that will never go out of style, and this classic color will appear in the jewelry world next season.

Layered necklaces, bracelets and earrings are all the rage this season, coupled with quirky small shapes of large pieces of silver, copper or gold.

The antique appearance is always popular in autumn and winter. Teardrop-shaped stones of various sizes and colors will be popular. Turquoise or mother-of-pearl inlaid and silver hoop earrings, with freshwater cultured pearls hanging in the middle, have a place in the fashion world.

Due to its unique and attractive appearance, durability and value, it is the most popular and fastest growing trend in the jewelry field. Titanium rings and titanium jewellery are also very durable, but very lightweight, and can be used in traditional titanium colors or the popular black titanium.It is also hypoallergenic, so it is very useful for people with sensitive skin.

Groom jewelry: Tungsten carbide watches are paired with tungsten, platinum or titanium rings for a bold and elegant appearance, because tungsten carbide can be used with any style of jewelry. : The traditional New Wave titanium heart-shaped pendant and heart-shaped diamond necklace will be all the rage.

Titan has created an amazing appearance in terms of quality and price. Although metallic colors have always been a popular fashion for brides, spot colors made of titanium and tungsten look great.

The global market for gems and jewelry is now $85 billion. In the past ten years, the compound annual growth rate of major markets has been 5% to 10%. Become a classic, and most of the others have become fashionable, which may become obsolete within a year.

The trick is to choose a classic design that can stand the test of time.