Jennifer Lopez ‘wanted to make music’ since she was 5: ‘That was my dream’

Jennifer Lopez was a fan of dancing ever since she was a child.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, the 52-year-old revealed: “I just wanted to make music,” she began.”I wanted to dance on stage like I did at my dance recitals when I was five and six years old.”

“That was my dream, was able to do that and make a living doing that. And yes, it’s still amazing to me, because I come from humble beginnings in the Bronx,” she said of her past.

Speaking about her role in upcoming rom-com Marry Me, JLo said: “I play a pop star who is kind of in this age of social media, who over the years has gone through different versions of what fame is from the tabloids to this, to that and everything.

She added: “I was able to bring so much of myself. I don’t think anybody could have understood this role the way I do, because being an actress and a singer and a performer, and having that experience of trying to keep your feet on the ground while all of this stuff is happening with this tremendous fame, when all you really wanted to do in the beginning was, be a singer and a dancer, and an actress.”