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How to safe on WhatsApp: Here are a few steps you can take

How to safe on WhatsApp: Here are a few steps you can take.Tired of worrying about your safety on the WhatsApp instant messaging platform?

Are you worried that someday someone will steal your identity or hack into your phone?

Well, here are some steps you can use to ensure the safety of all your information when using WhatsApp.

Last visit, profile picture and information about yourself: make sure your WhatsApp privacy settings are set at least in the “My Contacts” section. It is not recommended to make your profile picture public, especially if it contains pictures of minors.

Determine who can see when you last logged in. One way to understand habits is to allow users to see when you last logged into WhatsApp. You never know who the “leak” may be when texting or general habit. About this section: how much to show?

How to safe on WhatsApp: Here are a few steps you can take.Don’t think of it as your social media profile, you must post all information about yourself in it and include important details such as age, job title or CNIC number in the “About WhatsApp” section.

If you have a company or company account, you can leave this option public. However, please note that only the important information that you need to obtain publicly is disclosed.

Similarly, the sensitive information you provide may lead to hacking and identity theft. Group privacy settings are the most important privacy settings.

When you add new contacts to your address book, you should update them frequently. The best option is to select “My contacts, but…>Select all”.

You must repeat this process every time you add a new contact. When someone adds them, they are not automatically added to the group. The invitation will be sent to you.

This allows the user to choose whether to join the group. A large number of scholarships obtained with strangers can add you to the bad group that activates the WhatsApp server to stop you.

You should always control what you post in status updates. By default, when you send a new status update, WhatsApp will forward it to all contacts.

However, in some cases, you may wish to exclude certain contacts through “My contacts except…. We believe that the best option when choosing close friends is to “share only with….