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Ignorance and Fantasy

Ignorance and Fantasy.Isn’t faith often the child of ignorance and vanity? Consider the heavenly scene of the world of young souls at the height of their innocence, when their youth is enveloped in love and filled with happiness. Listen to their laughter.

Dreams that expand in the void of knowledge are like laughing gas and cause the purest, blindest joy.

As it is said, ignorance is happiness, because it frees us from the mental ties attached to knowledge (which reveal the limits of reality and therefore the unthinkable). our image).

It is the ultimate playground where the mind can build castles in the air, create a wonderland and live happily in this dream kingdom. It opens the way to the domination of error, because it allows us to believe what we want.

Anything desired is achievable, if not actual, until we find proof to the contrary. Santa eventually dies of our old age – when we’re not so young, so green, that we’re easily fooled by some crazy story.

Actually, no matter how wise we are, we are always in danger. We are free to fantasize about the world here below, which has never been fully known, or about the world outside, which cannot be foreseen.

We are always tempted to believe that our health, our relationships, our careers, or any other part of our lives, will be great, or that our death we will not be the end, but a journey from here to heaven beyond. This temptation is irresistible for many when they discover a charismatic fortune teller or spiritual leader professing this belief, however this remains unproven. Our beliefs are then the result of ignorance and delusion, plus belief.

Ignorance and Fantasy.An example of the self-deception that preoccupies young idealists and betrays their desire for perfect love is the vain passion they often feel for the attractive opposite sex. which they know little about.

Complete love, I mean complete and lasting harmony on all levels – physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual – between two people who love each other. It implies a high degree of friendship, as the words “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” suggest. If it includes desire, it transcends and transforms it.

Pop songs are popular means of this ideal, appealing to many young souls. I’m thinking exclusively of young men, who tend to fantasize about beautiful young women and fall madly in love with them, or rather an imaginary image of them.

This vibrancy is typical of their fiery and reckless youth. It only takes a few smiles and nods, a few gracious words of consent for these young men to imagine that they have found a soul mate, as they release their inner self – their sense of belonging. what is good, true, just, or sacred.

Some auspicious signs and, worry and hey, they take beautiful young women for girls who dream and are in love with them! In fact, a few signs are misleading. Every charm contains a cause for alarm.

If, in the struggle for existence and happiness, society is the cure for individual limitations (an imperfect remedy, admittedly with side effects), it is also a pill. hard-to-swallow medicine. Civility is a coating of fine sugar that makes swallowing easier.

Ignorance and Fantasy.Thank those who express their displeasure tactfully and complete it with a compliment and encouragement. No nagging, no hangover.

Sometimes, politeness does not include honesty and is seen as hypocritical in self-serving or hypocritical. It is transformed into service by a mixture of kindness and weakness, or by pure selfishness.

Somehow, some people are deceived, kept in ignorance, when they should live wisely, in the light of knowledge. They are denied the truth: the chance to become aware of their true circumstances and achieve their true purpose.

Young men, among the fantasies I mentioned earlier, are often drawn to society’s preference for beautiful young women. The poor fish hooked and eventually found out that he had made a mistake, like many others in the same boat. Dream girls are normal teenage girls or girls who first act and speak very sweetly, then act with limited kindness or show their sourness.

Lasting intimacy is a good test of the true nature of a couple. She always dismisses relationships of silk as they sometimes have at first, when charm takes precedence over all other considerations.

Ignorance and Fantasy.This appearance is superficial and deceiving like the outer layers of an onion. When removed, after a series of changes that marked a gradual return to nature, conflict arose. Truth is discovered; tears are falling.

Many young fantasies separate from their partner during this period. They embark on another relationship until the next disillusionment, the next breakup, then embark on another relationship, and so on.

They do the same in other areas of their lives, starting this or that with high expectations and letting go of first difficulties again and again. They never settle for less than perfection; they never actually built anything.

Some of these fantasies put a stop to this nonsense after a few disappointments and eventually became brave realists. Their bravery sets them apart from other frustrated souls who give up hope to surrender to laziness with a clear conscience. These protectionists confuse their attitude with realism and suffer from perversion or mediocrity rather than striving for excellence, which can happen, unlike perfection.

According to them, man is only in his element when he imagines, like a fish when swimming. In fact, humans – who know how to adapt – are closer to amphibians than to fish. They can return to earth without dying of disappointment, and even better, have a chance to live happily ever after, thanks to a combination of struggle and resignation that brings joy and serenity.

Brave realists know and accept the conditions and limits of happiness. They consider it valuable above all because it has a high cost and sooner or later is lost. They also understand that while one can indulge in an unstable life for a while, one must