SEO Or Page Rank – Which Is The More Important

SEO or Page Rank – which is more important . Whether you believe in SEО or Big Ranking and wonder which is more important, your thoughts are irrelevant. You’re wasting your time wondering what the right answer to this question is, because even if you knew, there’s nothing you can do to use that information.

Why do I say this? Because SEО, or search engine optimization, is a way of designing your website and placing content on it to satisfy search engine algorithms. Search engines are complex these days, so if you can do that, you’ll delight the people who visit your site as well.

If you keep your website visitors happy, they will stay on the page they visited and read it.

They will then click through to read other pages of your site and possibly even make a purchase.

Sure, some will leave immediately, but if the search engines think your content is good enough to have a high position in their index for a search term or keyword that a visitor has used to access your site, you are more likely to get a relatively high percentage of members entering your site compared to a lower rate.

SEO or Page Rank Now ask yourself if you think Google РаgeRаnk is more important (and аgeRаnk to be precise, not аgeRаnk).

You will then spend more time trying to get links to your site than you will properly optimizing your site and filling it with good content.

If you succeed in this hard work, then Google, and perhaps other search engines, will list you a little higher in their index, not because their crawlers think Your site is relevant to the search terms used by potential visitors, but because the site does .

SEO Or Page Rank – Which Is The More Important.You will then attract visitors to your website, and the page they land on must be relevant to the search terms they used, or else they will leave immediately.

If it’s relevant, they’ll follow, maybe visit other sites, and maybe make a purchase.So what is the difference? Basically, you will get the same end result.

How can you know what is most important. There is a simple way to do this and one that I have used many times.

SEO Or Page Rank
SEO Or Page Rank – Which Is The More Important

Design two websites around the same keyword.

Putting keywords as the website’s name, then the classic theoretical reference for a web page, includes some extra tricks that can make the difference between success and failure – in fact, it may be different.

Now, just minimal SEО together and make sure you have exactly the same content on each, but rewritten to avoid duplicate content or it will invalidate the test.

However, with the second page, you need to create as many links to your site as possible, using non-reciprocal links if possible, but reciprocal links if necessary.

There are several ways to create multiple one-way links to selected pages on your site, and you should set this as your homepage for the purposes of this test.

Wait weeks, then check Google, Yahoo, and MSN for where each of your homepages is. You will find that your first site will usually be listed higher for the keyword that both sites are built around.

Check back about 3 months later, and you’ll probably find that the 2nd site will be higher when the links start to go live, but the first site will overtake it as it naturally generates the links. own.

Essentially what this proves to me is that optimizing your site for the search engines the classic way is essential, but for the best results you also need to have a degree of good backlinks to your website.

There are simple ways to achieve both, but that will be the subject of another article. However, in the end, if you apply both, you will achieve the best results. I know there are exceptions to this and I’ve highlighted them in some of my books, but that’s the case.

So the answer to the question: SEО or аge Rank, that doesn’t matter more.

Both are equally important, but can make one better than the other and then you’ll be tempted to say your way is the best. But you could be wrong!

If you find what’s best, you can’t use that information because search engine rules are forward-looking, but good honest content and classic SEO always prevail, along with some good link.

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