What are truths about Ayurveda

What are truths about Ayurveda.A short informative article on Ayurveda. Disrupt common myths surrounding this alternative therapy.

1 Ayurvedic medicine is less effective.

Fact: It is true that this treatment requires more patience and persistence. Efficiency can be cited by this example. Whenever there is a tear in the fabric or a hole in the water tank, we plan to repair it with the same material it is made of. Truths about Ayurveda .Likewise, any defect in the human body should be repaired through the use of natural resources, as much as possible.

2 Ayurvedic medicines slow to give results.

Fact: The irony is the delay on the patient’s part. Most patients who visit holistic doctors take the time to try other drug systems for faster results. This not only slows down the effect of the drug, but also interferes with how it works. This is because the patient has tried a much more complex and powerful drug combination, the effects of which must first be neutralized. Or during this time, his disease had taken root and turned into a chronic form. It can sometimes show that he is running slowly, but as the fable progresses slowly and steadily, the race is won.

3 Ayurvedic medicines have side effects.

Fact: Any side effect of any medication, any therapy, can be the result of drug abuse, whether under treatment or prescription. When it comes to side effects or side effects, I think time-tested drugs are safer as long as the first two factors are correct. Therapeutic and safe Ayurvedic medicine regimens can be advocated in 3 pints.

In Ayurveda, the first rule of disease treatment is to remove the root cause, and also to ensure that as a result no new diseases emerge. A disease is eradicated at its root. Ayurveda emphasizes that medicine focuses on the patient rather than the disease. The mind, body and soul are seen as a tripod and medicines are prescribed to improve overall health.

Since Ayurvda mainly deals with herbal preparations and natural resources, it is a harmless therapy with few or no side effects.

4. Ayurvedic medicines for elderly patients.

Fact: There are no known limitations to this form of treatment. It is also suitable for all age groups. Ayurveda can be considered a boon for children as their body systems are still immature and in the process of building immunity. Truths about Ayurveda Natural products do not affect the body’s resistance and at the same time tend to be safer and more comfortable.

5 Ayurvedic medicines is just an alternative.

Fact: The Ayurvedic system of medicine is considered an alternative therapy because it is consistently the oldest and most comprehensive system of medicine. Other medical therapies existed before birth. The word Ayurveda itself is derived from “Ayush” which means life and “Veda” which means science. Therefore, Ayurveda is the complete science of life. It is a treasure to provide each individual with a life full of health, strength and vitality.