Why Teenagers Addictive to Technology ?

Why Teenagers Addictive to Technology ?Q: I’m very concerned about the effects of technology on teenagers. How addictive is technology for teens? Is it possible that technology will be more addictive than cigarettes or other drugs?

A: Two don’t seem to be able to live a few minutes away from their cell phone and laptop without access to the internet. Many teenagers feel as though they have lost them completely to phones and computers. Am especially concerned about my teenage son, who often seems to be totally addicted to his cell phone. It makes me worry that he may spend too much time online, without even having time to connect with friends.

Teenagers Addictive to Technology
Teenagers Addictive to Technology

Q: I’ve noticed that internet addiction is becoming an epidemic. I’m concerned that teens have been getting hooked on video games and other online activities.

A: Video games are often played alone for hours on end, but teens don’t have to sit in front of a computer. They can play games while hanging out with friends at a park, at the beach or in their own homes. Playing alone on the internet is no different from playing alone in a park.

Q: The media has helped to raise awareness of internet addiction. What is the impact of this on teenagers who already are addicted to technology? Can technology addiction be combated through parenting?

A: This is a very important issue that needs to be addressed as a community. I’m not sure how much parents can do, but there are ways that parents can be proactive. Technology addiction is very real and if it is untreated teenagers may feel as though they can’t cope with life without it.

One thing that parents need to do is to recognize that internet addiction is not something that’s easy to spot. Teens will tell you that they are always on the internet, surfing, reading email or chatting with friends. Some of these are harmless activities, but others are dangerous.

When your parent won’t feel guilty if they suspect that your teenager is online chatting with a stranger, you need to take them to the police.

Parents need to find out more about what the person is saying on their online chats and read messages before giving it to their kids. You also need to ask if they’ve given their address and phone number to anyone else. It’s important to watch what your kids are doing online, because if you see anything suspicious, it’s likely that your teenager is using their phone to talk with strangers online.

If your teen has a friend who is constantly on the phone and talking online, and you think that your child may be doing this, you should stop talking with that person. That friend could be a pedophile.