How covid will effect human health in 2022

corona effects

How covid will effect human health in 2022.Throughout human history, many viruses and diseases have had a disastrous impact on society and people’s lives. Corona virus is one of the recent attacks that have destroyed the structure of human life. Corona virus Covid-19 has affected 22.

countries and territories around the world. To date, thousands of deaths have been reported worldwide and are still nearing the end. There are thousands of people sick with Covid-19, many of them in critical condition.

The origin of this virus is still not fully known and research continues to find a cure. According to the World Health Organization, one in ten people has been infected. The majority of people with mild symptoms are cured without formal and serious treatment, while others with severe conditions may require appropriate hospitalization.

How covid will effect human health in 2022.Corona affects social life / activities Corona has greatly affected social activities and people’s lives. He has brought about a complete change in the way one wants to spend their evening. How one wants to hang out with friends. As socialization ends, loneliness increases and gives way to more health problems. Corona has caused many companies to collapse, resulting in hundreds of layoffs, which has resulted in more financial deaths.

Corona and Mental Health A long lockdown to prevent Corona has an adverse impact on mental health. It leads to depression and stress. Staying indoors day and night increases feelings of loneliness and frustration. Especially for the elderly and those who live alone. People were very concerned about their jobs, their finances and their relationships.


An increase in domestic violence has been reported and many women have suffered from it while incarcerated, leading to more severe forms of depression. Research is underway on how to get things back to normal for the sake of saving lives and bringing this world back to normal. .

The virus can take years to disappear, as can the ill effects it has on us.