The Role of Technology in Education

The field of education has changed a lot over the years. As human living style has modified into something more advance, more technology based, so has our education system. Technology is now a part of every field of life, and task we have to perform, therefore, it is impossible for  education system can work without it.  Now the students are more inclined towards technology based education, it is useless to teach them in old traditional ways. The minds have upgraded so the methodologies need to be upgraded too.

Students Learn Better with Technology          
Students these days are ‘native’ to technology. They see so much of technology around them, outside the classroom that they have become prone to its use. Now the time have come when they learn better with it. The video films, the audio players, the assignments on projectors, the internet surfing to take help in projects, writing notes, etc.
Children of today’s generation cannot think of education without using technology.

Technology Facilitates the Teachers
Teaching has become fun and innovative with the introduction of technology in teaching. Now teachers can easily access the internet to prepare for their lessons, they can look for creative ideas and methodologies to teach. They can bring their laptops to classrooms to show photos and videos about the related topics. Teachers who are technology literate are being preferred everywhere.

Increased Efficiency
The use of technology has enhanced the efficiency and performance of both students and teachers. Much more can be learnt now in less time and with less effort. More information can be collected through internet. Students can stay in touch with teachers all the time and can get guidance. Many online resources are available worldwide, one can join them from anywhere in the world.

Technology and Distance Learning
Technology has made distance learning possible and has given it a new form. Many easily accessible tools have been formed to facilitate students. Now its much more convenient for students of remote areas to get education through Youtube videos and online teaching portals.

Technology has worked as a miracle in bringing revolutionary change in education industry.